Monday, July 31, 2006


WILKINSON RAZORS: Safety & Straight 1855-2003 (On CD)
*Fully illustrated in colour and black and white with photographs of razors, razor sets, catalogues, advertisements and shaving paraphernalia! NOW ON CD with hosts of extras such as Patents, Advertisements, Old catalogues and Quick Reference Cards showing all the main types of Safety Razor.
Immediate Despatch!
PLUS BONUS CD of a large section of Wilkinson Razors from the never marketed 1958 TTO (below left) to the present day QUATTRO!

22.50 GBP postage free for BOTH CDs.

Wilkinson Sword and Razors

In the last 120 years, the battle to design the perfect razor has been fought worldwide by inventors and engineers who, working in Europe, the United States and Britain, applied for thousands of patents.

The development and design of safety and straight razors by Wilkinson Sword from their earliest foray into shaving products in the 1890's with their "Figaro" straight razor is followed here in detail.

From their first "Patent Safety Shaver" in 1903, the development of new models over the next hundred years is carefully described and illustrated showing Wilkinson Sword to be at the forefront of quality razor design, with innovative technology.


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