Friday, August 11, 2006

What Readers Say who bought the book or cd

Renzo Jardella said...

This is without question the best reference work on a single razor manufacturer produced so far.It is a great addition to the razor collecting fraternity. WELL DONE!!!
RJ England

They’ve all got beards…

That’s the thought that strikes you when you first see the photograph of the late nineteenth century board of Wilkinson Sword. Maybe not the best advertisement for a company that’s just started making safety razors.

The next thought that strikes you about this book is just how much work has gone into it. This truly is a labour of love. Every razor is catalogued, explained and displayed. There is interesting information on how the company developed. There are insights into its changing business, product and advertising strategies. But, here the razor is king.

This book really has to be the ‘must have’ for every shaving enthusiast. I have to admit not to be one of them yet I found the book fascinating. It’s written by one of the Wilkinson family so you really are getting the inside track. The glossy colour images are a wonder to behold – which leads to one last striking thought.

It’s a family thing. There seems to be as much obsession and attention to detail went into making the razors as has gone into writing this book.

Your book is like a gold mine for the collector of Wilkinson razor. I have some of these but all are in your book.
J-P B France

It looks interesting and will be good for dating my Wilkinson razors.

I have finished the book and I have learnt a lot already, it was so easy to read, and everything flowed through nicely, you should be very proud of yourself and I am sure it will become every Wilkinson collector’s bible.

I had not too much time read it, but what I could see was great !!!!. You have done a very great work. You have done a very great work, I think I can assess it a little. It is work for a detective sometimes. I LIKE YOUR BOOK VERY MUCH !!
M E Germany

GREAT GREAT!!, it must be a lot of research and work to do it, but I think you have made a WILKINSON “bible”. Every thing is in it and I have seen a lot I have never seen before, also great to see some of “my razors” in it.
Thanks, but minor money for a LOT of information, the more I read the more I know, GREAT job again!
J K Holland

Last Monday I have got your book from M E
Congratulation a great work.
It was a pleasure to read all the very interesting things about
Wilkinson. I'll often consult it like a dictionary. GREAT:
G J Germany

j'ai reçu le livre aujourd'hui , en le feuillettent j'ai découvert une mine d'informations , j'espère que j'aurai le plaisir de vous voir un de ces jours ,
Je vous remercie pour votre oeuvre
A bientôt
J-P E France

Well Done! I can't imagine how you started out with a few bits from your father and got to this book in two years. An incredible feat. I have been through the whole book last evening (my wife will attest to my complete encapsulation) and really enjoyed it. In terms of getting all those missing bits, I find it a bit difficult in the relative isolation where I live and increasingly harder to win crucial auctions and still look
forward to a reasonable retirement. But the occasional big one still lights the way. Your book helps enormously.
A A Canada

There is a lot to read in your books and they are great. Now I have again a "problem" that there are more Wilkinson razors to find than the one’s I have already in my collection. But that is the problem of every collector; you think I have them all, that there is a book that tells you keep on searching.
Many Thanks,
T D Holland